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Rajat Singhal

Entrepreneur, technical architect and product master. CTO @ Hitwicket.

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Rajat Singhal is CTO at Hitwicket - cricket manager game, a product of Octathorpe Web Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Right after graduation from college (B.Tech CSE) he joined the startup as a software developer and as first employee.

Octathorpe is a bootstrapped startup, initially it had both web services work and Hitwicket, but later after fund-raising shifted full focus to Hitwicket’s development. Hitwicket is a cricket management game, in which a user plays the role of a cricket club owner, and manages his club in the multiplayer universe. Every aspect of real world cricket, including a live match, is simulated using Artificial intelligence. Millions managers play the game.

Other than the wide range of tech experience from architecting Hitwicket and service projects, being in a startup from its earliest days to the multi-million-dollar status gives him a great deal of knowledge and experience with recruitment, management, product, monetization, marketing and growth hacking etc.

He is said to be allergic to miscommunications, bad code and BS. "Roll up the sleeves and get it done" is the motto he follows.

Work Experience

CTO - Hitwicket (Octathorpe Web Consultants) (Mar'16 - Present)

To accommodate growing team, refined our agile development process. In the need for FB and iOS apps, and a transformation from app theme to game theme, switched development focus to Game Engine, Unity. Built and lead Unity team and released on all platforms by Jan'17.

Tech Lead - Hitwicket (Octathorpe Web Consultants) (Jan'15 - Mar'16)

After the tech-cofounder exit in Dec'14, took control of complete stack and tech team. Redesigned and re-architectured the android app for a much more neat, sleek, responsive, and fast Hitwicket'15 android app release. Released a Match_Viewer app for iOS. Modified backend and cloud architecture to keep up-to-date with scaling.

Senior Software Developer - Hitwicket (Octathorpe Web Consultants) (Jul'13 - Dec'14)

In Jan'14, as a New Year's resolution to learn a new Tech, started learning Native Android development. Things escalated quickly and in 2 weeks presented a 3 page working app to team. Got approval to work on it for full time. Released a mini app with just Hitwicket live match watching functionality by mid Feb. After immensely positive feedback, built team for Android development and released main-functionality app in May.

Software Developer - Hitwicket (Octathorpe Web Consultants) (Jan'12 - Jul'13)

Worked on web technologies for various service projects and Hitwicket. Most projects had Ruby on Rails or Yii (php) as backend MVC frameworks with html, less and javascript for frontend. Some projects were based on Backbone, Magento, Spree, Phonegap and Wordpress as well. Released Hitwicket's beta for web on 31st May'12 and public in Dec'12. Some experience with cloud (aws) and devops as well.


project name

Hitwicket - Website (Native HTML, CSS, JS)

First and orignal version of Hitwicket. Hitwicket's web version is created in native HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It's a responsive design, frontend created using bootstrap, jQuery, backbone and other web technologies. Beta released on 31st May '11

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Hitwicket Native Android App

Hitwicket - Native Android App

As the market trend shifted to mobile, we too shifted developemt focus to Native Android App development. First created and released an app just for match-viewer in Mar '14. Then released the full app in Apr '14. Re-architectured, and Redesigned and released in Feb '15.

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project name

Hitwicket - iOS, Android, FB Apps - Unity3D

Current version of Hitwicket for mobile apps (Android, iOS) and Desktop (WebGL) App. It's frontend is created in Unity3D. For the purpose of cross platform development and better graphic options, after native android development was shifted to Unity3D in Aug '16.

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Services Projects

Intimate Street - eCommerce Platform for designer Lingerie

Intimate Street is an eCommerce platform for luxury brand lingerie. Created using Magento.

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Rahdish - Next incarnation of restaurant menus

Rahdish is the next incarnation of restaurant menus - an intelligent and social menu system. It combines dish level information and user votes to show you the best items at the restaurant you're at, and the best places in town to have your current craving! Created using Yii php mvc framework.

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Fixerline - Personal helpline for solving workplace and career problems

Fixerline is a personal helpline for solving workplace and career problems. Expert Advice. Quick. Confidential. Free. Professional experts answer people's queries. Created using Yii php mvc framework.

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Vitaa - VIT Alumni Assosiation

VIT Alumni Assosiation is a platform for VIT's alumni network. It helps them get information about college, other alumni, meet-events, jobs etc. Created using Yii php mvc framework.

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Dwll - Professional Interior designers at your fingertips

Dwll.in (pronounced ‘Dwellin’) is a curated network of interior designers and home furnishing stores across India, with the goal to match customers with the right designer and then provide discovery and access to home furnishing stores in their geography (and beyond). Created using Ruby on Rails.

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Spicy IP | De-Coding Indian Intellectual Property Law

SpicyIP is one of India’s leading blogs/repositories on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. Through its independent reporting/analysis, SpicyIP is committed to fostering transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. It was built in Wordpress.

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CAdvancedArFindBehavior - Yii Extension Open Source

The CAdvancedArFindBehavior extension adds up some functionality to the default possibilites of yii´s ActiveRecord implementation. This extension is useful when you need array of values of a particular attribute based on some condition, and loading whole objects for them is not only big data pull and hense slow, but also is more code, as you will have to traverse through all the objects and foreach of them put the required attrute's value in an array.

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